Smart, Convenient and Cost-effective storage solutions for your Business needs

Is space stopping you to the expansion of your business? Need somewhere to store your assets, excess stock, material or office equipments? provides an affordable, convenient and secure storage solution for businesses. We save your business time and space by collecting any items you wish to store and returning them on demand.

At, we’ve made the storage solutions easier. Now, make your business storage in a smarter way, rethink the way your business does storage with who provides you multiple options on a single platform which are much smarter, easy, convenient and cost-effective storage solutions. We’ve made it our business to offer customers secure units to fit their every need and requirement. Whether it’s your valuable assets, bulky filing systems, spare office furniture or excess stock, we’ve got the space available for you whenever you need.

Many business clients use our service for various kinds of storage to free up valuable office space. Our high-quality, water-resistant and durable boxes with secure warehouses assure your documents and goods are safe and secure with us. You can keep track of your goods online through your online inventory and have any of your documents or goods returned to your business or demanded destination within some span of time.

Unit sizes depend on location and availability and different sizes for regular or bulk storage.

Struggling to visualize the different sizes of units for your storage? We don’t expect you to know exactly how much space you’ll need, which is why we’ve come up with our handy size estimator. View each unit and easily visualize what can be packed in.

Business Storage services –

  • Secured units, with dedicated security guards, CCTV and alarmed units.

  • Durable, waterproof boxes made of high-quality polymers.

  • Availability of 24 hours and 7 days

  • All the goods can be retrieved as and when required.

  • Fire prevention systems and ensures the goods remain protected from fire.

  • Storage area will have show-home finish to keep your goods away from dust.

Security is key –

  • We label your each item and upload it to your account.

  • We take pictures of all the boxes for your satisfaction.

  • Access your things whenever needed.

  • Move out as per your convenience or we will do the job done for you at your door step.

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